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Ph.D. Program

The Department of Economics at Yokohama National University (YNU), located in the second largest metropolis in Japan, launched a new graduate program in fall 2013 (both Master’s and Ph.D.) in economics taught entirely in English. The program is designed to provide students with academic knowledge and tools in economic theory and empirics of the highest global standards, and at the same time is well-grounded in policy-relevance. We seek motivated students from all over the world who are eager to work as academic researchers, specialists, or professionals in the international arena. Graduates of the Ph.D. Program in Economics (typically 3 years) will be able to conduct leading-edge research and publish their research in international journals or present their research at international conferences, with particular strengths in the field of international economics, as well as in comparative economic systems and international political economy.

Recommended Paths

There are three recommended paths specialized in (A) International Economics, (B) Comparative Economics and (C) International Political Economy as described in the Program Catalogue.

For student cohorts admitted in Fall 2023 and onwards, a Data Analytics path will be added, and the Comparative Economics and International Political Economy paths will be merged and renamed as the International Political Economy path.

The path is determined by affiliation of your main advisor (see Faculty Members page). If you have any further inquiries, please contact the Graduate School Affairs Office (DAIGAKUIN GAKUMU GAKARI).

Facutly Members

October Admission

Program Catalogue (PDF)

Time Table (PDF)

April Admission

Program Catalogue (PDF)

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