A requirement for achieving a Masters degree in Economics is writing a thesis that is then deemed acceptable by a committee of three professors. Each student will choose an original thesis research topic and be responsible for writing the thesis in English. A faculty advisor will be assigned to each student to supervise them through this process. Additionally, a special course titled "Thesis Instruction" teaches students important skills in thesis writing.
Following is a list of thesis titles and countries for some graduates of the PPT program:

Cohort Country Thesis Title
1 China Reform of the Chinese Individual Income Tax and Recommendations from Japanese Case
1 Philippines Political Business Cycle in the Philippines
1 Sri Lanka The Role of Tax Incentives in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Sri Lanka
2 Indonesia Social Impact of Financial Crisis and Economic Crisis in Indonesia with Special Reference to Poverty and Unemployment
2 Nepal An Analysis and Estimation of the Potential Revenue of Value Added Tax in Nepal
2 Bulgaria Valuation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Transition to a Market Economy
2 Ghana The Macroeconomic Environment and the Role of Foreign Capital in Ghana: Lessons from the Development of APEC Countries
3 Sudan Fiscal Dominance, Central Bank Independence and Inflation in the Sudan: An Empirical Analysis
3 Malawi Should Malawi Adopt A Value Added Tax System: A Lesson from the Japan Consumption Tax
3 Philippines An Analysis of the Philippine Individual Income Tax System Using the Japanese System as the Base
4 Kenya The Composition of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in Kenya, 1970-2002: An Empirical Investigation
4 Lebanon The Affect of the Value Added Tax on Social Welfare in Lebanon
5 Indonesia Improving Foreign Direct Investment in IndonesiaThrough Appropriate Policy Alternatives
5 SierraLeone On the Intertemporal Relationship Among Government Spending, Taxation, And Economic Growth in Sierra Leone, 1961-2003
6 Philippines Building Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises through Clustering (A Comparative Study of Italy and the Philippines)
6 Nepal Do Budget Deficits Influence Trade Deficits in Developing Countries? Evidence from Multivariate Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Processes (A Case Study of Nepal)
7 Mongolia Empirical Analysis of Linkages Between FDI Inflows and Trade of Mongolia
7 Nepal VAT and the Compliance Problem in Nepal: A Comparison with New Zealand
8 Tanzania Determinants of Tax Revenue in Tanzania: A Panel Analysis
8 Indonesia Industrial Clusters in the Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia
9 Vietnam Transfer Pricing Abuse in Vietnam: The Case of Foreign Automobile Enterprises
9 China Economic Characteristics of Digital Products in E-commerce and Challenges to Tax Administration
10 Jordan Tax Incidence - Jordan
10 Kenya Assessing Determinants of Tax Revenue Performance in Kenya
11 Sierra Leone Modeling Tax Efficiency: Theory and Evidence from OECD and ECOWAS Countries
11 Kyrgyz The Balassa-Samuelson Effect on Inflation in Transition Economies: Panel Data Analysis of CIS Countries
12 Sri Lanka Determinants of Tax Buoyancy in Sri Lanka: An Empirical Study Using a Panel Analysis
12 Bhutan The Relationship between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Comprehensive Analysis Using Panel Data
13 Bangladesh The Role of Exchange Rate on Balance of Trade: Emprical Evidence from Bangladesh
13 Indonesia The Role of Bilateral Aid for Trade on Export Performance in the Indonesian Economy: A Panel Data Analysis
13 Mongolia Sustainable Development in Natural Resource Abundance Countries
14 Sri Lanka Determinations of Provincial Income Inequality in Sri Lanka
14 Uganda Analyzing the extent to which Devaluation Would Effect Trade Balances in Uganda
15 Zimbabwe Is Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) an Optimum Currency Area?
15 Indonesia “The Pattern of Economic Growth in Indonesia in Comparison with Malaysia and Thailand: a Deviation from Proportional Growth Analysis”
16 Botswana Assessing the Impacts of the European Union-Southern African Development Community Economic Partnership Agreement on Botswana's Trade Flows: A Gravity Model Approach
16 Uzbekistan Composition of Public Expenditures and Productivity: A Panel Data Analysis
17 Indonesia Regional Economic Development of Indonesia During the Decentralization Era (2009-2015): Growth, Inequality, and the Impact of Infrastructure and Industrial Agglomeration
17 Cambodia The Impact of Microfinance on Economic Growth in Cambodia

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