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Chair of Econ. Dept.

Message from Chair of the Department of Economics, Graduate School of International Social Sciences

Public policy, especially sound public finance and a reliable taxation system, is the key to economic development for any country. Human resources are vital for planning and enforcing various public policy measures. The academic knowledge of economics, combined with practical skills, has become increasingly important for policy making in our globalized society more than ever before due to expanding multinational enterprises and massive cross-border capital flows. As the first nation to have achieved modern economic development in Asia, the government and universities in Japan have a responsibility to share Japanese experiences with motivated students from around the world.

Deeply aware of the importance of these skills for economic development, Yokohama National University (YNU) began the Master’s Program in Public Policy and Taxation (PPT program) in 1996 with cooperation from the World Bank and Japan’s National Tax Agency. This program combines lecture courses on economics with a practicum at the National Tax College of the Japan’s National Tax Agency. The program we offer has the longest history among similar programs in Japan and has earned a high reputation both inside and outside Japan. There are only sixteen universities in the world which have partnership programs with the World Bank, including Columbia University and Harvard University in the U.S., and GRIPS and Keio University in Japan.

Students who pass a rigorous selection process are admitted to the program. These students study in the rich educational environment of YNU’s tree-filled campus on a quiet hill comfortably distanced from the urban bay area of Yokohama City, which is Japan’s second largest city and famous for its international harbor. There is a cosmopolitan feel to our campus with about a thousand foreign students from around the world. Based on our long tradition of economics education since the 1920s, the Department of Economics offers a wide range of classes from introductory economics to applied policy-oriented lectures and special seminars. We have been expanding our curriculum to respond to current policy issues as well as to new developments in contemporary methodologies in economics.

Alongside the PPT program in October 2013, the Department of Economics launched the International Ph.D. and M.A. programs taught entirely in English. The PPT program students can acquaint themselves with the diverse group of students in the PPT program and also the other programs. The PPT students enjoy this opportunity to expand their international network through numerous aspects of their campus life. We are extremely proud of the achievements of this program thus far.

We welcome applications from any bright, motivated individuals who wish to learn economics for improving public policy and taxation in developing nations.

Kiyotaka SATO
Chair, Department of Economics
Graduate School of International Social Sciences

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