2. Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Course Title Credit Fall Semester Spring Semester
a. Elective Courses Public Economics 2 *  
Applied International Trade Analysis 2 *  
Environment and Economic Development 2 *  
Economic System and Industrial Structure 2 *  
Applied Macroeconomics 2   *
Applied International Economics 2   *
b. Thesis Instruction Seminar 1  2 *  
Seminar 2 2   *
c. Non-Degree Courses Basic Japanese 1 2 *  
Basic Japanese 2 2 *  

a. Elective Courses

FE-UI or FEB-UGM students need to take 10 credits altogether in the second year at the GSISS-YNU: 6 credits from the coursework and 4 credits from seminars offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.

b. Thesis Instruction: Seminar 1, Seminar 2

Every student must decide on a theme for his/her thesis and begin to prepare for it under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

These courses are compulsory and comprise 4 credits necessary for the Master’s degree.

Thesis Schedule for ILP Scholars (as of 2017/2018)

October Supervisor and student matching
Submission of thesis writing plan
February Preliminary thesis presentation
29-Jun Submission of final version of thesis
10-Jul Final defense of thesis
23-Jul YNU makes a final decision on the conferment of the Master of Arts in Economics

c. Non-Degree Courses

Students can earn credits by attending the Japanese language courses offered by the International Student Center of YNU, but those credits shall not be counted as a part of the graduation requirement of the Program.

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