2. Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar as of 2017/2018

Fall Semester
October - March
September 28 Academic Orientation and Health and Welfare Orientation
October 5 Courses and Seminar 1 (thesis supervision) begin
October 4 Computer Orientation
December 26 - January 4 Winter recess
February 5 - 13 Fall semester examination period
Spring Semester
April - July
April 6 Courses and Seminar 2 begin
June 29 Thesis submission deadline
July 10-11 Final defense of thesis Spring semester examination period
August 7 Graduation Ceremony at YNU
September Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferment at UGM/UI
September 14 Degree Conferment from YNU

Note : The academic calendar for 2019/2020 will more or less follow the schedule as above but the final version of the calendar will be given to the students upon entrance to YNU.

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