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【Modern Economics Seminar】Schedule for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Date and Location

Room201, Graduate School of International Social Sciences
*Date and Location are subject to change. Check the schedule for details.

Updated February 19
Joris Mueller
(National University of Singapore)
TBAMonday 16:30~,
(Economics Seminar Room, Econ Dept Building 2F),
in person,
in English
Di Feng
(Dongbei University of Finance and Economics)
Informative Simplicity in Economics Design Monday 16:30~,
in person
Kei Ikegami
(New York University)
Endogenous Joint Venture Formation in Procurement AuctionsMonday 16:30~,
in person
6/19Yu Awaya
(University of Rochester)
Rational Exuberance and BubblesMonday 16:30~,
in person
5/22Craig Calcaterra
(Metropolitan State University)
Decentralized UnderwritingMonday 15:00~,
in person,
Economics Seminar Room (Econ Department Building 2F),
in English


Graduate School of International Social Sciences Yokohama National University
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